Vintage Stratocasters and Authentic Restoration Parts

In 1954 the original Stratocaster was offered in a 2-color sunburst finish on a solid, one-piece maple neck, 21 frets, black dot inlays, contoured body and Kluson machine heads. In 1956 Fender started making bodies made from solid alder. Custom colors appeared on 1960 strats and were mainly automobile lacquer colors made by Dupont. The single-ply, 8-screw hole white pickguard allowed all of the guitar's electronic components with the exception of the recessed jack to be mounted in an easily accessible cavity.
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Pictured above: Vintage 1957 all original surf green Stratocaster

Kluson tuners were installed on vintage Strats through the late 70's.

Vintage Fender pickups are known as "black-black" and are coated in wax.

Authentic knobs have a mint or yellowish color due to natural aging process.

The original pickguard design was a single ply design, later evolving to the 3 ply seen above.

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